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This is a callout for a specially themed issue of Trespass, a new journal of matters related to squatting and housing struggles. The theme is squatting and resistances to gentrification.

Many cities are seeing the effects of gentrification, from Sao Paolo to Barcelona. Whilst some writers may see gentrification in terms of the restoration of dilapidated buildings, we see it more as a class- and race- based triumph of capitalism, in which successive ways of people have to move to make way for richer people. How can this process be resisted? What other urban cycles are at play here?

Even as many stories of woe abound, there are sometimes small-scale local successes in which areas are regenerated with the voices of the people already living there being heard. Squatters participate in these attempts to maintain community ties, occupying buildings to resist development, to conserve monuments, to house people who cannot afford to stay living in the area where they grew up, and so on.

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